Conducting a Real Estate Business Through Multiple Non-Resident Corporations: How to Stay on Side of Subparagraph 95(2)(a)(i) of the Income Tax Act
2006 International Film and Video Tax Incentives (Federal)

What is the Purpose of this Blog?

This blog was started to capitalize on my passion for mining information and to provide my readers with knowledge about tax planning strategies and compliance requirements under the Canadian Income Tax Act.  Since its inception, it has been expanded to also include the US Tax Code.

Postings will relate primarily to corporate and financial services tax issues.  Topics of discussion will include cross border tax, international tax and transfer pricing issues.  However, it may also include discussions of other areas of law, whenever it is relevant. 

The blog will provide commentary on cases, emerging legal issues and recent developments in tax law. 

Please feel free to post your comments under any posting, or send us your feedback about the blog by clicking on the "Email Me" link.


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