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Like many provincial jurisdictions eager to remain competitive in the film and video production industry, Nova Scotia has increased the value of its tax incentives.  Last year the province increased its general film tax credit by five percent which, according Nova Scotia’s fiscal report, saved film industry producers about $2 million.  The province was able to reap the benefits through increased productions within its borders.  However, there was a limited amount of productions that were filmed outside of the main centres. As a result, the province decided to further adjust its film tax credit to encourage more productions in the outskirts of the province. As of July 1, 2006, productions that are primarily filmed outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) are eligible for a five percent regional bonus.  This bonus applies to the entire production.  This is an improvement to the previous incentive, which limited the application of the bonus to the production costs incurred outside of the HRM.

It is expected that this move will increase film production traffic in these less populated vicinities.

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