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Ernst & Young has been ranked the 2012 Best Accounting Firm to Work For!

Ernst &Young, we at TaxQuarry want to say congratulations on being ranked the 2012 best accounting firm to work for!  

We know that this is a tremendous accomplishment.  This is particularly momentous in a tough economy where many employees have become disenchanted with their jobs and are more reluctant to shower praises on their employers. 

According to an article written by Jacquelyn Smith for Forbes Magazine which quotes the senior finance editor at Vault.com, E&Y used a fairly simple formula to beat out the competition:

Ernst & Young took the No. 1 spot thanks to the company’s kinder corporate culture and good work-life balance. “Ernst & Young makes working long hours more manageable for employees, treats its employees a bit better than other big firms, and provides excellent training to its employees and the ability to take on as much work as they can handle, which in turn can lead to fast career growth. It’s also incredibly prestigious”

Keep up the good work!


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