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Style Essentials for the Tax Professional: Keeba's Top Picks

Dressing the Part

As a tax professional (accountant or attorney), what does it mean to dress the part? 

Well, in years gone by, accountants were known for their practicality and simplicity of dress.  A plain white or pastel collared button up shirt, complemented with a basic black or navy blue dress pant, or khaki trouser.  The outfit would not be complete without the ultimate accessory:  a pocket protector.   This was the perfect symbol of professionalism.   The attorney tax professional, on the other hand, would be conservatively dressed in a sharp tailored two piece suit, leather designer belt and shoes, and a statement tie.  

For the attorney, not much has changed.  In NYC they are some of the sharpest dressed people you’ll see.  However, expectations and standards have certainly changed for the accountant.  The plain white pastel collared button up shirt and dark slacks or khaki trousers are still the mainstay for the newly minted CPA.  But usually these are designer brands with patterned torso and white collars or vice versa.  Also, instead of the pocket protector, many have opted to accessorize their outfits with a statement tie and an Apple Mac book or IPAD.  The more seasoned accountants have revolutionized their dress to mirror that of their attorney counterparts opting for tailored suits.

With more women entering the profession this adds a new level of style expectations for both attorneys and accountants.  Below is a picture gallery of a few of the essential must haves that will put you in the forefront of the tax professional style revolution:










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