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Style Essentials for the Tax Professional: Bow-Tie Fridays. To Knot or not to Knot

My boss Rich has designated Friday as “Bow-Tie Fridays” in the office.  Although not everyone participates, he faithfully accessorizes his suits with the most creative bow-ties each and every Friday. Rich has served as an example that, contrary to popular belief, bow-ties are not just worn (1)  for formal events, (2) if you are humpty-dumpty, or (3) by clowns.  In 2012 bow-ties have a place in every young professional males wardrobe. 

Wearing a bow-tie changes the focus of a man from his chest to his neck.  In fact, according to a Men’s Health Magazine website article, the bow-tie is ideal for a man who wants to draw attention to his face. 

On a more basic level, it modifies a man’s look from the standard monotony of the common office necktie.  For a man trying to be a trendsetter, bow-ties offer a unique opportunity to spice up otherwise boring work attire,  without being too risqué.  In my opinion, wearing a bow-tie also suggests a certain level of sophistication.    

Here are three of my favorite styles:

1.  This one is playful and fun.  It adds a pop of color without being too dramatic.  


Duchamp multi-color stripe bow-tie $150


2.  If you are looking for something more conservative, this bow-tie is perfectly versatile and will blend in nicely with any suit. 


Barney's bowtie
Barneys New York Co-op micro houndstooth bow-tie $65

3.  If you are looking for something closer to the pattern of a regular tie, this bow-tie is perfect for you.  



Pattern bowtie
Barneys New York Co-op Regimental striped bow-tie $65











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