Style Essentials for the Tax Professional: Jules Says, Socks are the New Tie

Jules, a fashion consultant living in New York City's Upper East Side, says:  

Have you ever thought about trading in your boring black socks for something a little bit more fun and updated, yet still professional? If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe in a simple way, you have options at every price point.

Gone are the days of everything matching. Substitute your black socks for a color you like or try something a little out of your color comfort zone. There are many different stripes, dot and color combinations. They will be a conversation starter and show that you are man of true style!


Paul Smith Polka Dot Sock found at Barneys


Sock it to Me Combo Moustachioed $9.00 each


Henrik Vibskov Helsinki socks from Copenhagen $25.00



Julia is a Fashion Stylist based in New York City. She is a graduate of Fordham University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Having a background in Finance, her speciality is working with men and women who are looking to transform their corporate and personal wardrobes. Julia shows you fun and easy ways to dress and always look your best to achieve your goals.

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Style Essentials for the Tax Professional: Bow-Tie Fridays. To Knot or not to Knot

My boss Rich has designated Friday as “Bow-Tie Fridays” in the office.  Although not everyone participates, he faithfully accessorizes his suits with the most creative bow-ties each and every Friday. Rich has served as an example that, contrary to popular belief, bow-ties are not just worn (1)  for formal events, (2) if you are humpty-dumpty, or (3) by clowns.  In 2012 bow-ties have a place in every young professional males wardrobe. 

Wearing a bow-tie changes the focus of a man from his chest to his neck.  In fact, according to a Men’s Health Magazine website article, the bow-tie is ideal for a man who wants to draw attention to his face. 

On a more basic level, it modifies a man’s look from the standard monotony of the common office necktie.  For a man trying to be a trendsetter, bow-ties offer a unique opportunity to spice up otherwise boring work attire,  without being too risqué.  In my opinion, wearing a bow-tie also suggests a certain level of sophistication.    

Here are three of my favorite styles:

1.  This one is playful and fun.  It adds a pop of color without being too dramatic.  


Duchamp multi-color stripe bow-tie $150


2.  If you are looking for something more conservative, this bow-tie is perfectly versatile and will blend in nicely with any suit. 


Barney's bowtie
Barneys New York Co-op micro houndstooth bow-tie $65

3.  If you are looking for something closer to the pattern of a regular tie, this bow-tie is perfect for you.  



Pattern bowtie
Barneys New York Co-op Regimental striped bow-tie $65










Style Essentials for the Tax Professional: Tax Quarry Designer Picks

Every professional woman needs a designer handbag.  Tax Quarry's top picks are: 


1.  Go big or Go home.  At $29,990, this brown crocodile Gucci tote is an investment equivalent to purchasing a small car.  

Gucci high end

2.  The amarante colored LV Alma hand held bag, priced at $2,490, with monogrammed leather is a more affordable option than the Gucci crocodile tote above. 



3.  Prada clay grey top handle leather hinge bag.  $2,950.  Say no more.
















Style Essentials for the Tax Professional: Jennie's Top Picks


Jennie Peng, a young tax professional and fashionista in NYC, picks three main accessories every female tax professional should have in her wardrobe:

1) A simple watch. This is a Timex "Easy Reader" Mesh Bracelet watch. It is $80 at Nordstrom.  I like it because it is not all too flashy for a gold watch. The face is big enough (making the "Easy Reader" name very appropriate.


2) Earrings. Whether you fancy hoops or studs, a simple pair of earrings can add femininity to any outfit. These are the earrings that I wear regularly- I only take them off to clean them. I think all women should have a nice pair of earrings- it doesn't hurt to spend a little extra on a special pair of earrings that will last for a while. 


3) Manicure. I love getting a manicure at the nail salon but the costs do add up if you go often. OPI has amazing colors and I found a place in Chinatown that sells it for $5 (regularly $8+ at the drug store).



Meet Joe. He's an Aspiring Accountant and Practical Dresser

Joe is a student pursuing a degree in accounting and technology at Baruch College.  

He currently works in the international tax department of a global multi-media company.  

Like many accountants, Joe's fashion sense can be described as practical and sensible.   He appreciates style, but dresses primarily for comfort.  He also refuses to break the bank to keep up with the other NY male fashionistas.

The best thing about Joe's look is that he has mastered the art of mixing patterns to add a little edge to his style.  This is a simple and inexpensive way to liven up a wardrobe.

TIP of the WEEK:  If you are a cost conscious male, it is a good idea to find a base color that you can easily mix and match with different outfits in your wardrobe.  For example, if you choose purple as your base colour then every solid or patterned purple tie you buy can be worn not only with your plain button-up shirts, but also with your patterned shirts with purple hues .  



Style Essentials for the Tax Professional: Keeba's Top Picks

Keeba Williams-Henry, a young New York City professional working in the financial services industry, picks three main accessories every female tax professional should have in her wardrobe:  

1.  Comfortable/Fashionable Shoes: Kitten heels work best! 


2.  Day to evening business bag: A good work tote can work wonders 

Work tote

3.  Statement Necklace that goes with everything: A perfect white t-shirt to a button-up blouse

Statement Necklace

4.  Lastly, always wear a nice bold lip!! That works wonders for a bland outfit and still keeps you looking professional.


Dressing the Part

As a tax professional (accountant or attorney), what does it mean to dress the part? 

Well, in years gone by, accountants were known for their practicality and simplicity of dress.  A plain white or pastel collared button up shirt, complemented with a basic black or navy blue dress pant, or khaki trouser.  The outfit would not be complete without the ultimate accessory:  a pocket protector.   This was the perfect symbol of professionalism.   The attorney tax professional, on the other hand, would be conservatively dressed in a sharp tailored two piece suit, leather designer belt and shoes, and a statement tie.  

For the attorney, not much has changed.  In NYC they are some of the sharpest dressed people you’ll see.  However, expectations and standards have certainly changed for the accountant.  The plain white pastel collared button up shirt and dark slacks or khaki trousers are still the mainstay for the newly minted CPA.  But usually these are designer brands with patterned torso and white collars or vice versa.  Also, instead of the pocket protector, many have opted to accessorize their outfits with a statement tie and an Apple Mac book or IPAD.  The more seasoned accountants have revolutionized their dress to mirror that of their attorney counterparts opting for tailored suits.

With more women entering the profession this adds a new level of style expectations for both attorneys and accountants.  Below is a picture gallery of a few of the essential must haves that will put you in the forefront of the tax professional style revolution: